Four Misconceptions About Clothes Made in China

Here are four fashion industry ‘facts’ that we’ve busted wide open. These include water pollution and prices for textile armlets. Find out what these things really mean before buying anything. We also address your questions about where your clothes are made. Then, you’ll know whether they’re worth the price tag. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not to buy from a Chinese manufacturer.

Fashion industry ‘facts’ we’ve busted wide open

Online shopping and online designers have changed the fashion industry in recent years. While a young designer living in their mum’s house in Coventry may have never imagined they would be able to set up his or her own online store, that’s exactly what’s happening. As a result, online retailers are picking up emerging designers like Mahesh Ahluwalia, who is setting up his or her own online stores. The trend is a new kind of fashion industry – one that’s completely bypassing the old system, as consumers are ditching traditional retail and buying direct from the designers.

Facts about garments made in China

The globalization of the textile industry has shifted focus from apparel production to high-tech manufacturing. While China was once a poor, closed communist country, this is now a hotbed of high-tech manufacturing, including the production of iPhones and laptops. China’s government, meanwhile, has been focusing on boosting its labor force and improving skill levels. In fact, many big names are sending their orders to Chinese factories.

Facts about textile armlet prices

The rise in the price of textile armlets in China is the result of soaring demand and supply disruptions. As a result, prices are predicted to rise by as much as 30 percent. Some reports predict that prices could rise as much as 40 percent. The latest numbers come as China’s government is working to reduce emissions ahead of the Winter Olympics in February 2022. Nonetheless, the rise in prices in China is not without its flaws.

Facts about water pollution

Did you know that the fashion industry in China is one of the leading polluters of freshwater in the world? Almost 70 percent of China’s lakes and rivers are polluted, and about 90 percent of its groundwater is contaminated? In addition, the fashion industry is responsible for 20 percent of the world’s industrial water pollution, and largely unregulated. This has an enormous impact on the health of workers and the environment.

Facts about hazardous materials

In 2010, nearly 65% of the world’s clothing was manufactured in China, making it the country of choice for many clothing consumers. Americans spent over 340 billion dollars on clothes, and nearly 75% of that was made overseas. Textile dyeing alone is responsible for 17 to 20% of industrial water pollution. And of those, nearly 30 can’t be safely removed. The result is a massive environmental impact and a loss of reputation for brands.

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